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INCOME is measured by how much money you make, but WEALTH is determined by the value of the assets you own.  Earning a high income as you do as a professional athlete doesn't automatically make you wealthy, but with proper planning, sound advice, and smart decisions, your income can help you become wealthy.


The highest income tax rate is currently 37%.  Some athletes may reside in states that also have a state (and in some instances, local) income taxes which increases the overall amount of taxes paid.  While you are currently a high income earner, Jones Wealth Management Group can help you position your assets to take advantage of the HUGE difference between current income tax rates (maximum of 37%), long-term capital gains (maximum of 20%) and qualified dividends (maximum of 20%).

First a few definitions - if you purchase an asset or item of value and sell it for a price greater than your purchase price, that gain (profit) is taxable.  If you've owned it for less than twelve (12) months, that gain is considered a short-term (capital) gain. If you've owned it for more than twelve (12) months, that gain is considered a long-term (capital) gain.  Short-term capital gains are taxed at the same rate as your income (can be as high as 37%), but the maximum long-term capital gain rate is only 20%.

A dividend is a portion of the profits that a company may pay to the owners of that company.  If you own shares of stock in a corporation and that corporation itself is subject to corporate income taxes, then the dividends paid to it owners (stockholders) are considered qualified dividends.


Our strategy and philosophy for wealth management for professional athletes is centered around education, simplicity, transparency, and liquidity.  First, we educate our clients as to what's available in the financial marketplace.  During a professional athlete's playing career, we want our clients to know what it is that they own, so our investment recommendations are simple and generic in nature.  We feel that investments for professional athletes that are complex in nature should be made after a professional athlete's playing career has ended, when they have to concentrate and learn more about complicated investments.  


Our services for the wealth management for professional athletes include recommendations for investment of signing bonus payments, life and disability, comprehensive financial planning, and reviews and recommendations on how to invest in the Second Career Savings Plan (NFL-NFLPA 401(k) plan), NBA-NBPA 401(k) Savings Plan, and the Major League Baseball 401(k) Plan and Trust.

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